General History Books

Reviews of General History Books:

A Cathedrals Coffee and Tea Tour by Simon Duffin

An Unbroken Unity: A Memoir of Grand-Duchess Serge of Russia, 1864-1918 by E.M. Almedingen

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda

Before France and Germany:  The Creation & Transformation of the Merovingian World by Patrick J. Geary

Boudicca’s Rebellion AD 60-61:  The Britons rise up against Rome by Nic Field

A Brief History of Life in Victorian Britain by Michael Paterson

The Cambridge Illustrated History of France by Colin Jones

Catherine of Braganca by Lillias Campbell Davidson

Catherine of Braganza by Janet MacKay

Four Princes by John Julius Norwich

France in the Sixteenth Century by Frederic J Baumgartner

French Musketeer 1622-1775 by Rene Chartrand

Game of Queens by Sarah Gristwood 

Golden Age Ladies by Sylvia Barbara Soberton

The Great Regent:  Louise of Savoy by Dorothy Moulton Meyer

The Honourable Company:  A History of theEnglish East India Company by John Keay 

Impudent King:  A New Life of Philip II by Geoffrey Parker

A History of Spain and Portugal by Stanley G. Payne

Juana the Mad: Sovereignty and Dynasty in Renaissance Europe by Bethany Aram

La Belle France: A Short History by Alistair Horne

Lucy Walter:  Wife or Mistress by Lord George Scott

Paris:  1200 by John W. Baldwin

Paris:  The Secret History by Andrew Hussey

Philip of Spain by Henry Kamen

A Queen of Unrest by Harry Tighe

Queen’s Mate by Pauline Matarasso

Scandalous Liaisons:  Charles II and His Court by R.E. Pritchard

Tea for the British by Denys Forrest

The Warrior Queens: The Legends and the Lives of the Women Who Have Led Their Nations in War by Antonia Fraser

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