Medieval History Books

Reviews of Books on Medieval History:

Anne Neville: Richard III’s Tragic Queen by Amy Licence

The Brothers York: An English Tragedy by Thomas Penn

Cecily Neville: Mother of Kings by Amy License

Charles VII by Malcolm Vale

Charles the Bold by Richard Vaughan

Clash of Crowns by Mary McAuliffe

Edward the Elder 899-924 edited by N.J. Higham and D.H. Hill

Eleanor of Castile by Jean Powrie

Eleanor of Castile: Queen and Society in Thirteenth-Century England by John Carmi Parsons

Eleanor of Castile: The Shadow Queen by Sara Cockerill

Elizabeth de Valois, Queen of Spain and the Court of Philip II by Martha Walker Freer

Elizabeth Woodville:  Mother of the Princes in the Tower by David Baldwin 

Elizabeth Wydeville:  The Slandered Queen by Arlene Okerlund

A History of France from the Death of Louis XI by John Seargeant Cyprian Bridge

The Hundred Years War: A People’s History by David Green

In the Wake of the Plague: The Black Death & the World it Made by Norman Cantor

Isabel the Queen: Life and Times by Peggy K. Liss

Isabel of Burgundy by Aline Taylor

Isabella of Castile: Europe’s First Great Queen by Giles Tremlett

Isabella: The Warrior Queen by Kirsten Downey

John the Fearless by Richard Vaughan 

The Lady Queen: The Notorious Reign of Joanna I, Queen of Naples, Jerusalem and Sicily by Nancy Goldstone

Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII by S.B. Chrimes

The Last Duel: A True Story of Trial by Combat in Medieval France by Eric Jager

Lessons for my Daughter by Anne of France

Louis XI: The Universal Spider by Paul Murray Kendall

The Maid and the Queen:  The Secret History of Joan of Arc by Nancy Goldstone

Margaret of Anjou:  Queen of England by Philippe Erlanger

Margaret of Anjou:  Queenship and Power in Late Medieval England by Helen E. Maurer

The Medieval and Post-Medieval Image of Eleanor of Aquitaine by Michael Evans

The Medieval Housewife and Other Women of the Middle Ages by Toni Mount

The Norman Conquest by Marc Morris 

Philip the Bold by Richard Vaughan

Philip the Good by Richard Vaughan

 The Princely Court: Medieval Courts and Culture in North-West Europe 1270-1380 by Malcolm Vale

Queen’s Mate by Pauline Matarasso

Queenship in Medieval France 1300-1500 by Murielle Gaude-Ferragu

Richard III:  Brother Protector King by Chris Skidmore

Richard III:  A Ruler and His Reputation by David Horspool

Richard the Third by Paul Murray Kendall

Royal Intrigue:  Crisis at the Court of Charles VI 1392-1420 by R C Famiglietti

The Sister Queens:  Isabella & Catherine de Valois by Mary McGrigor 

Tales of the Marriage Bed from Medieval France (1300-1500) by R C Famiglietti

Yolande of Aragon (1381-1442) Family and Power by Zita Eva Rohr

The Waning of the Middle Ages by Johan Huizinga

Warfare in Medieval Brabant 1356-1406 by Sergio Boffa 

The Wars of the Roses by Alison Weir

The Women of the Cousin’s War by Philippa Gregory et al

The Woodvilles:  The Wars of the Roses and England’s Most Infamous Family by Susan Higginbotham

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